The ONLY Gloves You'll Ever Need

GorillaGloves was founded in 2020 with a simple goal - To produce a pair of gloves that would be suitable for all scenarios someone could want, while being durable at the same time. 

We wanted GorillaGloves to be the only gloves one would ever need to buy.


We identified the two important things our glove needed to have was durability and versatility. It needed to offer protection and comfort to your hands, but also be multi-purpose.

GorillaGloves feature TPR Knuckle protection and are cut, heat, and water-resistant. That's what we call durable!

They will protect your hands in the toughest and harshest environments and keep you cool in summer and warm in the wind and rain of winter.


So many gloves are durable and tough, but they are uncomfortable, heavy, hot, smothering and all that horrible stuff.

We designed our gloves to be comfortable, adjustable and suitable for many of your day to day tasks, as well as for all of your interesting and exciting hobbies.

The gloves are suitable for so many activities such as camping, hunting, paintballing, airsoft, construction, DIY, mountain biking. Some people even use them for driving, or even when cooking to avoid burns - they are that comfortable! 

Ventilation holes in the gloves keep them cool in summer and the adjustable strap means they are always comfortable. 

The final feature we added was the touchscreen friendly fingers. Our phones are almost a part of us now, and even if we don't always like it we always need quick access to them. 

Our gloves are 100% touchscreen-friendly meaning that you can use any phone without having to take off the gloves. 

More Info?

Head over to our GorillaGloves product page where you can find more photos and information on pricing/sizing/shipping, and of course shop for your new favourite gloves.